How to clean the multimedia touch all-in-one PC?


With glass cleaner or alcohol injection on the towel, then try multi-touch all-in-one glass surface with a towel.In general, can be directly with a dry towel to wipe the dust on the surface of the glass.If it is a touch display, available business card or stiff paper through a cover with a touch screen monitor gap simply wipe away dirt.

The sense of touch screen machine use?


Part 1, touch screen glass products, glass edge is sharp, assembly need gloves/refers to the set of operations
Part 2, touch screen glass is fragile, don't exert great impact on touch screen assembly.
3, touch screen to touch the surface at the membrane surface, that is positive;Glass surface is a touch surface, that is, on the back of the product
4, avoid direct lead picked up the touch screen, avoid is pulling action to lead position.
5, lead wire reinforcement plate parts cannot be bent.
6, lead is not permitted in any part can be folded in half.Lead in assembly, insert must be level, to strengthen heel folded insert.
7, take put products need to single chip operation, the light to take light put, avoid collision and scratch products surface.
8, clean product surface, dip in with flexible cloth (deer) petroleum ether to wipe.
9, don't stack placed touch screen, the use of tray.
10 and a final note: do not use corrosive organic solvent wipe the touch screen membrane surface.Such as industrial alcohol

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