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All-in-one multimedia teaching in the field of education demand is huge
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All-in-one multimedia teaching in the field of education demand is huge

Since last year, multimedia teaching all-in-one products on the market quickly has been widely applied, especially in the field of education, many users began to abandon the traditional projection + board but choose multimedia teaching all-in-one as multimedia teaching equipment.We have learned, all-in-one multimedia teaching in education market is full bloom everywhere.
Last year, according to statistics, all-in-one annual sales of around 120000 units, up 140% from a year earlier.In conventional projection and interactive electronic board market caused great impact.In 2015, has reportedly all-in-one multimedia teaching informationization the demand of the market is still very strong.
All-in-one multimedia teaching is the most popular these days, the most important thing is it will be a lot of application, the user simply don't need to buy a machine connected to computer, screen and sound it can achieve interactive operation, interactive presentations, and many other functions.There are more important, touch all-in-one PC screen has the counter-attack, light scattering technology;Display is not affected by light, infrared, writing many features such as screen, no shadow.   
The personage inside course of study says, and interactive flat-panel TVS have the projector in the education market is in the midst of the confrontation.One party is a traditional show giant comprehensive hits, the other side is a traditional projection giant in the holdout.In 2013, two different projection market shows confrontation, in the form of has become a large contingent of industry market this year.

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