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Why multimedia teaching one the opportunity to become a trend?
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Why multimedia teaching one the opportunity to become a trend?


In today's education equipment on the market, favor is more and more multimedia teaching machine, for preschool education, elementary school small-class teaching, interactive this advantage is particularly important.
Touch the all-in-one multimedia teaching has the interactive electronic whiteboard does not have the advantage.For example, the display effect of multimedia teaching machine.The resolution of the general electronic whiteboard, it depends on the resolution of the projector, usually for 1024 * 768, and the resolution of the LCD all-in-one PC, can achieve 1920 * 1080, that is to say, the same images in the electronic whiteboard and the effect of two kinds of product display LCD machine is not the same.LCD all-in-one display picture will be more hd, lifelike, colour more rich and full.In addition, the LCD all-in-one it also has convenient installation, interactive features such as flexible.
LCD all-in-one "threat" electronic whiteboard?
Now the LCD all-in-one PC market growth faster than the growth of the whiteboard, however, is not a threat.Because the two pieces of market is the growth of the state, not because of the growth of the LCD all-in-one, whiteboard market shrink, they are in a state of growth together.LCD all-in-one growth is for two reasons.First of all, as a new product in the market has novelty to the user, and a few large home appliance enterprises also joined together to hype, is an important factor.Second, the market need is real.Because on the display, touch, interactive multimedia teaching machine that a is superior to the electronic whiteboard, such as the kindergarten is an obvious example of preschool education to display and touch it, interactive demand is high, but not with a special focus on writing, so they are more welcome to multimedia teaching touch one chance.
Why multimedia teaching touch all-in-one PC into a trend?
Multimedia teaching, it seems, the difference from touching all-in-one hd resolution, interactive attract students, multi-function set a teacher make operation more convenient, modern society is a society experience, everybody likes screen, high definition, visual effects, good product.Both in appearance and internal can satisfy users, multimedia teaching touch all-in-one universal way is not far away.

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