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Teaching touch all-in-one
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Teaching touch all-in-one

Multimedia teaching environment is developed on the basis of conventional electronic and computer equipment, both in teaching and academic report, meeting, comprehensive discussion, remote communication, presentation and remote teaching class change book, remote, remote suggestion, teleconferencing, and other functions.By touch function, can satisfy more academic reports, meetings, academic exchanges, multimedia teaching, scene teaching, as well as remote education comprehensive requirements, with intelligent management system and good effect of audio and video;To meet through the slide show, projection film, multimedia courseware, video tapes, DVD/SVCD/VCD, materials and other resources for comprehensive presentation and discussion, live requirement, has a good visual effect, strength and improve school image
The characteristics of teaching touch all-in-one PC:
1, use the big plane such as LCD (LCD) monitors to achieve high quality images, with low power consumption, low radiation, no flicker, no glare, seismic, anti-interference, small size, light weight, energy saving, the advantages of large area display and interaction;
2, the principle of ergonomics and aesthetic design models, beautiful generous, very modern breath.Streamline a integrated cabinet, the operation is simple and comfortable;High quality cold-rolled steel sheet material, whole all steel structure;All metal surface processing of the lacquer that bake, moisture, rust, acid proof, suitable for different environment;Cabinet containing power supply control system, stereo system, external host ATX switch, high-performance, axial flow fan is stable and reliable in performance.
3, touch screen orientation accurately, the mouse don't drift, easy installation, beautiful appearance, lower power consumption.
4, high economy with it, multimedia teaching anytime and anywhere from now on is no longer a dream!
According to the actual characteristics of ordinary primary and secondary schools, carrying, flexible!Entirely replace "projection + + computer power amplifier audio + + hd video booth" electronic platform such as complicated traditional teaching mode, only one device, can meet the demand of multimedia teaching!Is bought up all the school, substitute to a new generation of high-tech products.
5, high utilization with it, your multi-media teaching into the era of "student multimedia" from now on!
New features of the equipment is fully embodies the resources sharing, solved the equipment utilization rate is low or the problem of inadequate. Or freely in any use in the classroom, students can also participate in the whole process of multimedia teaching.
The advantage of teaching touch all-in-one PC:
Is convenient, practical and efficient HuaFu intelligent multimedia classroom solution solution for the core design concept.Only Jane [1] single, function and practical operation, good effect to improve the efficiency of teaching and learning.Less the scheme construction, short construction period.Using integrated intelligent touch and bluetooth wireless public address system, do not need rewiring, does not destroy the original pattern of the classroom.
The advanced nature
Compared to traditional multimedia classroom solutions, integrated intelligent touch and bluetooth wireless public address system in both the access way or in such aspects as system control, fully embody the advanced nature of the whole system.
Wireless application is the inevitable trend of modern network technology, multimedia classroom and campus network compatible, can call outside of teaching resources is the first standard of examining multimedia classroom scalability.Boc boc intelligent multimedia classroom solution contains network control functions, through teacher's handwriting computer control, also can through the campus network to realize remote control, provide service for future development.
Handwritten convenience
Teachers can use handwriting written text and graphics combination of courseware, the input methods in accordance with teachers' writing habits, greatly save the preparation time.

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