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Multimedia education touch computer integrated
Release time:2016-6-22  The author:qian yuan computer technology co., LTD.   Source:

Multimedia all in one touch screen series

Author: qian yuan computer technology co., LTD.

Multimedia education touch computer integrated  Highly recommended
Multimedia education, is a popular teaching method in recent years, through the use of the projector, electronic whiteboard, audio equipment, control systems, computer equipment, such as digital teaching with teaching software (multimedia electronic classrooms system), use of multimedia has figure, words, sound and even has the characteristic of moving images that provide the most ideal teaching environment.Today, qian yuan computer will all of the above functions are concentrated to the domestic touch on a computer, a new multimedia education touch one computer will bring a positive role for teaching.
Multimedia education is the trend of the development of education industry, dry yuan computer screen touch an organic whole, for teaching touch all-in-one PC terminal display device, make each class can surf the Internet at the same time, teaching resource sharing, the demonstration courseware, live broadcast, watching movies and TV shows, etc., enrich the classroom teaching, stimulate students' enthusiasm.
Different education environment has different space requirements, aiming at this problem, the dry yuan screen touch computer integrated series provides embedded, case, mobile installation solutions, such as the installation of the narrow space or harsh conditions, the installer can be installed through different installation way.Mobile more domestic touch all-in-one PC can be fixed on the movable bracket, teaching can be easily when using mobile use, convenient for teaching.
Multimedia education touch all-in-one PC has figure, words, sound and even has the characteristic of moving images that, so can provide the most ideal teaching environment, it is bound to be on education, teaching process produce profound effect.This profound influence can be summed up in one sentence: multimedia technology will change the teaching mode, teaching content, teaching means, teaching methods, eventually lead to the whole education ideology, teaching theory even education system is the fundamental change.
Computer screen touch dry performance and function of a computer supported in can easily meet the needs of daily education, at the same time, in the past with poor student learning enthusiasm and initiative, interesting and interactive also greatly improved, has realized the change in teaching methods, compared with the traditional education can improve the quality of teaching, more convenient for students to absorb.

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