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The widespread application of multimedia teaching touch all-in-one
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The widespread application of multimedia teaching touch all-in-one

Dry yuan large touch-screen multimedia all-in-one (70/82 inches);Business/government/meeting/teaching/special multimedia demonstration of a breakthrough;With television, projection and the development of multimedia technology changes with each passing day, dry yuan technology adhering to the "bring users simple, bring convenience to users, improve the user experience" for the purpose, for the majority of users to provide comprehensive IT services.In bring convenience to the user at the same time, dry yuan technology is committed to provide better experience for different groups of users as the goal.To promote the new product popularization.In the product planning of qian computer technology co., LTD continuously inject new elements, together with the user hold the pulse of The Times of the development of IT technology, with innovative ideas and high new technology power for the development of enterprise information.
Business/government/meeting/teaching/special breakthrough innovation of multimedia presentation
With TV, projection and the development of multimedia technology changes with each passing day, the government, business, education, conference user interactive presentations on the spot in the field of technology put forward higher requirements.
Dry yuan to solid strength lead user govinda new heights of multimedia conference, teaching demonstration, convenient operation, new horizon, the effect is outstanding experience, the products have been a number of enterprises, institutions and education institutions.
- "touch" hand and breakthrough technology, experience wonderful interactive experience
Qian touch screen using the world's leading multimedia machine infrared touch technology, just connect a ordinary PC or laptop, you can use your fingers or opaque objects in a full hd TV direct operation on the screen.Its high-end touch-screen producers to produce ultra high speed large touch screen (55 inches / 65 inches), interactive electronic whiteboard, providing full screen writing space, 300 points mouse coordinates data security smooth handwriting don't interrupt, can easily finish writing, drawing, erase, zoom, move and rotate.Support Windows 7 multi-touch technology, cooperate with Windows 7 operating system, can realize more operation and writing at the same time, two people use fingers instead of the mouse directly, operating more palpable, demonstrate the efficiency and effect by leaps and bounds.But also through remote control instead of fingers on the touch screen operation, from a distance no matter the body or the audience on the stage, can control at will.
Under Windows, qian touch screen multimedia integrative machine does not need any application software, support to import the PPT, Avi, PDF, DOC, JPEG, BMP, TXT, HTML, PNG file format, such as using ECM + MPG4 compression technology, can also be synchronous recording paper, handwriting, sound and image, space required for system resources to the lowest, saves the file will not have any impact to the operation of the presenter.
Qian touch screen multimedia all-in-one infrared device in advance and hamonious shell, removable, stainless steel package edge, double color aluminum alloy material, 5 mm toughened optical glass, have prevent scratches, waterproof, dustproof, anti-fouling, anti-interference, maintenance free, the guarantee users worry-free.
Qian touch screen TV and PC multimedia machine model can switch freely, has excellent function of dry yuan TV computer-integrated, 1920 * 1920 high resolution, with clear fluid and flicker-free progressive scan images;Using 3 d digital noise filter, valid at the time of receiving TV signal filtering, noise to eliminate noise and make the image more clear and fluent;Based on dry yuan high integration processing platform, powerful fully compatible with the USB interface, can support a variety of mobile storage devices, support for h. 264 blue light streaming, compatible with video, pictures, MP3 players and other various playback mode;Rich multimedia interface, easy connection to a variety of peripheral devices.
Widely used - business/government/conference/education/professional multimedia demonstration top-level configuration
As the first-class brand suppliers, multimedia teaching is committed to professional business, government and education users to provide professional services, interactive video demo system integration to help different requirements and industry characteristics of the user first-class achievement experience of interactive multimedia presentation.
Qian touch screen multimedia integrative machine can be widely used in various fields of education, business, government affairs, multimedia teaching, video conference, real estate industry such as new product promotion, information query, the exhibition scene interaction, TV media site navigation, public relations activities demonstrate, etc, will be because of qian touch screen multimedia the outstanding performance of the machine and get twice the result with half the effort, not only improve efficiency and effect, and strong, fun, interactive can effectively capture the attention of the audience, at the same time also makes the presenter more easy.Qian touch screen multimedia integrative machine is also teaching multimedia devices to be bestowed favor on newly.
Dry yuan touch-screen multimedia all-in-one fused TV, projector, whiteboard, and other functions in one intelligent platform, to overcome the traditional touch screen TV handwritten breakpoints, image quality is not clear, the problem of low matching rate, has high compatibility, fast installation, simple to use, quality excellent, shuttle, the advantages of multimedia teaching, such as meeting requirements to the peak of digitization, networking, interactive, used in intelligent control function comprehensive promotion effect.
Dry yuan with the high quality of technology as well as the "touch" the image of the hand and led the education/business/conference/cs/exhibition areas such as path towards a more brilliant.
Want to learn more about touching all-in-one details, please focus on the yuan

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