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touch all-in-one PC for the benefits of classroom teaching
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Qian Yuan touch all-in-one PC for the benefits of classroom teaching

author: yuan computing sources
First, to optimize classroom teaching atmosphere
"Interest is the things of a kind of yearning, infatuation, or to explore the psychological tendency of pursuit."Students interested in learning, can make their interest in learning activities produce psychological and pursuit, and stimulate students' learning emotion, arouse the enthusiasm of learning.Therefore, arouse students' interest in study is the first task of the teachers, touch-screen machine auxiliary teaching is an effective teaching means to stimulate students interest in learning.Has the interest, the student can focus, thinking active, to exert the principal role of students in the classroom and received good teaching effect, vivid, image, all-in-one can intuitively show a lot of information, and elementary student's thought is mainly on image thinking, according to the characteristics of the students, take advantage of the multimedia, mobilize the students' non-intelligence factors, create a teaching situation, create strong teaching atmosphere. 
Second, the emphases and difficulties in teaching to help students break through
For students, learning difficulties are often difficult to directly observe abstract theories and concepts, and multimedia teaching can touch screen machine with vivid and intuitive stereo image, help students to establish the connection between the concept and representation in the brain, to establish the connection between the various senses, makes the shape of the left brain and right brain of righteousness are united in wedlock, thus into the student's own knowledge structure, and processing in the process to solve the problem. 
Three, dried yuan touchscreen all-in-one auxiliary teaching teaching efficiency is improved effectively
Using multimedia auxiliary teaching touch all-in-one PC, show students pictures, text, video, sound, animation, such as content, stimulate students' various senses, so that students in a full sensory information and accept the information, under the guidance of the teacher inspired and then combined with the topic to discuss, using the known information to solve the problem, achieve knowledge migration, which really put information into our knowledge structure. 
First of all, multimedia knowledge, easy to attract students' attention.Stimulate children's enthusiasm and study of "remember" "listen" to active the "look" of "thinking", to enhance the learning confidence. 
Second, the use of multimedia effectively managing the teaching time, fully guarantee the students' self-study time in the classroom, so as to consolidate the classroom knowledge.In the traditional teaching, the teacher mainly depends on the speed of the speed of blackboard writing and language to control the rhythm of the class.When the class information too much, so it's difficult to review and consolidate the students.And in the process of using the all-in-one, all the information in the form of file storage, thus facilitating according to schedule and teaching requirements and replay and replay.Flexibility strong, the difficult point is outstanding, is beneficial to help students consolidate the knowledge, inspire thinking. 
Again, they will focus on, the difficulty to easy, change numerous for brief, deeply shallow, abstract to concrete, and make students easy to accept and understand fast, grasp firmly and deep memory.Teachers can use multimedia in classroom teaching effect of drag, amplification, curtain, searchlight, animation, and other functions to show difficult point, to concentrate the students, deepen the understanding of knowledge, improve the classroom teaching efficiency. 
Finally, group discussion, also is helpful for teachers to teaching for different levels of competency. 
Four, touch screen machine auxiliary teaching to improve the teaching quality
Auxiliary teaching using the touch screen machine, obviously increase the students' learning interest and knowledge accept level also improved obviously, the traditional teaching, because students are not good at abstract thinking, and good at thinking in images, the common difficulty in teaching.With a whole machine after class, as a result of the computer auxiliary role, will all kinds of abstract knowledge concept to intuitive image display in front of students, to adapt to the characteristics of the students are good at thinking in images, so learning effect is obviously enhanced. 
Practice has proved that using multimedia touch all-in-one auxiliary teaching, are increasingly the earth plays a role in the field of education.As a education workers, on the one hand, to strengthen the learning of the new technology, to actively take part in the teaching courseware manufacture;To explore how to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, on the other hand, teachers, and by class, suitable for students to use all-in-one auxiliary teaching, make its maximum effectiveness.

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