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Qian Yuan computer touch all-in-one bring new opportunities for the retail industry
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Qian Yuan computer touch all-in-one bring new opportunities for the retail industry

In recent years, yuan computer touch all-in-one development is rapid, has become one of essential objects for all day and work.Today, yuan computer touch all-in-one made a new break in touch again on skills, multi-touch skills of alternatives to traditional touch into everyone's vision and life, lead touch all-in-one development trend.
Multi-touch (also called multiple Touch, multipoint induction, multiple induction, English translation for Multitouch or Multi - Touch) is to choose the human-computer interaction skills to complete with hardware devices, can in no traditional input devices (such as: mouse, keyboard, etc.) under the computer interactive operation.Multipoint contact skills, able to form a touch screen (screen, desktop, wall, etc.) or touch pad, can inherit from multiple points on the screen with the computer's interactive operation.
The use of multi-touch skills in touch one machine
Multi-touch skills have their common advantage: one is appeared in the same interface on a multipoint interactions form of one or more users, abandoned the keyboard, mouse operation method of single point;Second, the user can through the hands of single point contact, also can click, double-click, translation, press, rolling and spinning different gestures to touch screen, the into a desire for control, and very good more entirely know target of relevant features (video, text, images, 3 d information such as imitation, who).
Under the touch all-in-one in advance and influence, the rapid popular multi-touch skills are, lead touch all-in-one development trend.Multi-touch all-in-one has become a self-help service pavilion, upon (POP), information point (POI) and industrial machinery and so on many kinds of new aspirations, but also for retail career brings new chance.Multi-touch all-in-one used in retail career can be useful to progress the store merchandise sales promotion effect, into a cohesive consumers online international and virtual hub, its information release system can appear more interactive and deter the idea of the content, bring more useful for users, engrossing visual feast, greatly improve the retailer's sales.
There is no denying the fact that the current multi-touch skills also is not very sophisticated, using the limitations of there is also a must.But with the sophisticated and discussion skills and deepen the trust multi-touch skills in the future will be more perfect, more use will walk into reality, into our life.

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