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How to maintain the all-in-one multimedia teaching to prolong service life
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How to maintain the all-in-one multimedia teaching to prolong service life 
The Internet age, the man-machine interaction become the important direction of the development of the IT field.It is in this trend, has the "fifth media" digital signage also joins the growing ranks of interaction, interactive products gradually become the focus of attention.However, due to the interactive digital signage product applications has just started, the majority of users to its understanding is limited, especially in the touch screen on the daily maintenance of multimedia teaching machine often ignore some maintenance details, so as to shorten the service life of the product, cause waste of investment.Here are some of the common touch screen multimedia teaching machine maintenance problem, hope for your help. 
The first is about multimedia teaching all-in-one touch screen cleaning problems.Generally speaking, the normal installation of interactive digital signage all-in-one touch screen multimedia teaching should be cleaned once a year, because if the multimedia teaching the reflection stripe around the all-in-one touch screen covers too much dust, and multimedia teaching will gradually lose touch all-in-one touch screen function.Users can use glass cleaner or alcohol injection on the towel, then try the glass surface with a towel.For touch screen touch screen of the gap between the cover and the multimedia teaching machine dust, available business card or bank card set of simple processing on thin cloth. 
Second, in practice, users tend to switch machine for the product.Actually, multimedia teaching class all-in-one touch screen digital signage product switch machine is a fixed order, the order of the open source for display, acoustics, host, turn the power off the reverse order.Be worth what carry is, due to the hard disk to produce a large number of temporary files, if the breakpoint is often directly turn it off or not out of the Windows, will soon lead to hard disk error, so you need to run ScanDisk regularly scan disk error, the application can set a secret best way to exit the application and Windows power again. 
Moreover, users should pay attention to is that the display shells or cabinet shell don't squeeze the all-in-one touch screen area of multimedia teaching excessively, lest cause the mouse has been display the 4 point phenomenon.In the process of practical application, if it is cabinet casing pressure all-in-one touch screen multimedia teaching area, you can dispatch the distance between the cabinet and display screen slightly larger;If is all-in-one touch screen display case pressure multimedia teaching area, you can also try to display case screws loosen a bit. 
Finally, it is important to note that the user before cleaning, be sure to cut off the all-in-one touch screen multimedia teaching power supply.And, because water droplets will seriously affect the all-in-one touch screen the response speed of the multimedia teaching, as a result, users should pay attention to keep the screen when clean dry, avoid by all means is wiped with water.Use of multimedia teaching in the high intensity places all-in-one touch screen, the user had better every day before starting with dare not to wipe. 
Into the interactive technology of all-in-one multimedia teaching has changed the traditional "one to many" situation of digital information transmission, "one to one" information transmission model better highlighted the accuracy of its inherent characteristics, especially to behaves particularly outstandingly in the retail industry application.With the expansion of the market retail industry application, the application of interactive digital signage group will continuously popularization.For the lack of professional knowledge reserve ordinary users, can master maintenance skill, not only convenient for daily application, more can effectively avoid the waste of investment. 

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